Water Monitoring

Water Monitoring






There are three resources on stream monitoring available on this page:


  • MGMB/ DNRC Lolo Watershed Study
    • Click here to see the study.
  • Interactive map of stream gauging stations in Montana
    • Click here to view the gauges.
  • Real-time Lolo Creek stream gauge data
    • Scroll down for more information.




Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Real-Time Stream Data

The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) and the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) have been working hard to help us monitor water levels along Lolo Creek. They are currently working on a cool new mapping tool that allows users to click on a gauging station and see real time water levels.

These graphs show data that was recorded at a continuous gauging station on Lolo Creek, just East of the Hwy 93 bridge.  Here you can view stream stage, discharge, and the temperature of Lolo Creek for a 7 day period or the entire record!



Use the slider bar underneath each graph to view a desired time period. Or click “Show Entire Record.”

Here are a few stream terms that will help you interpret the graphs below:

Stream discharge– how much water (volume) is passing through a specific point at a given moment

CFS/ cubic feet per second– unit of measurement used to measure stream volume

Stream stage– water level measured above an arbitrary point (how high the water is)