Lolo Watershed Group (LWG) is a volunteer-led 501(c)3 nonprofit working to revive, conserve, and sustain the Lolo Creek Watershed. We are community members who value the local, regional, and national significance of Lolo Creek and its Watershed. In 2003, LWG was registered with the Montana Secretary of State as a mechanism to provide stream restoration and other collaborations within the Watershed. 

 LWG originated as an information clearinghouse where a steering committee offered a forum for dialogue. Since then, we have facilitated riparian restoration, debris removal, channel rehabilitation, snowpack analysis, and mitigation of instream and on-the-ground sediment load, along with educational outreach to the community and local schools. In 2013, LWG authored and received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for the Lolo Creek Watershed Restoration Plan (WRP).

Lolo Creek is one of only a handful of watersheds with an approved WRP in Montana! Our WRP has been instrumental in bringing awareness and support to Lolo Creek. Enough interest was generated that the Montana DEQ and Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology enlisted in a pilot groundwater study in lower Lolo Creek to understand how water volume has changed over time and what to anticipate in the future. Check out our Technical Resources to learn more.

As we look to the future, we will continue as a community-based nonprofit working toward conserving and restoring the Lolo Creek Watershed. We will act as a convener, bringing together neighbors and experts to build on the strengths of our past and expand the involvement of the Lolo community and interested stakeholders in collaborations that foster conservation and learning in the Watershed.

our Mission

LWG will promote the health of Lolo Creek through education, coordination, and stakeholder collaboration while emphasizing community conservation of the Watershed. As a thought leader and convener, we will work with our partners to restore the entire Lolo Creek stream system by applying a volunteer and science-based approach to watershed restoration.

Our Vision

LWG envisions a fully restored and naturally functioning watershed where a healthy forest and stream system supports rural development, commerce, and recreational uses and maintains its natural biological function with the Bitterroot River while thriving along with the growing Lolo community.


community education

learning resources