Collaboration  &  FUNDING


Montana watershed coordination council (2024)

Amount – $3,000

  • This grant provides support for operational capacity needs to maintain administrative health

missoula conservation district (2023 – 2024)

Amount – $500 each year

  • Operational support

Clearwater Credit Union (2024)

Amount – $500

  • Capacity building

High stakes foundation (2023)

Amount – $5,000

  • Capacity building and operational support


Amount – In-Kind Support

  • To facilitate the free kids’ fly fishing clinic

319 Grant (2014 – present)

Department of Environmental Quality
Amount – $45,000

  • Reduce sediment loading to Lolo Creek through revegetation projects.
  • Ongoing stream monitoring to asses stream quality.
  • Develop a sample analysis plan (SAP) to guide sediment trend monitoring for project effectiveness.
  • Update the 2010 Upper Lolo Creek Sediment TMDL Implementation Evaluation (TIE).
  • Hired a Big Sky Watershed Corps member three years in a row to help with education, outreach, and capacity building.

Missoula resource advisory committee (2021)

Lolo National Forest  
Amount – $15,000

This grant allows us to further our progress on stream restoration and engineering projects within the watershed. This includes:

  • Improving stream health
  • Addressing climate impacts
  • Community outreach
  • Environmental education

Linking Generations Grant (2014 – 2016)

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula 
Amount – $5,000

Collect oral histories from elders in the Lolo Creek Watershed. The intended outcome is a display for the community. We have engaged students at Sentinel High School and are working on creating displays from their work which will be displayed around Lolo.

non point source project support mini-Grant (2020, 2021)

Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC) 
Amount – $3,650 – $7,400

Our projects funded by this grant aim to reduce non-point source pollution on Lolo Creek and it’s tributaries through restoring the banks and beds of streams. In the process, we can improve wildlife habitat, biodiversity of native vegetation, and watershed health.

Water Quality Education & outreach Mini-Grant (2015 – 2021)

Montana Association of Conservation Districts (Formerly known as Soil & Water Conservation Districts of Montana)
Amount – $700 – $3,000

Partner with local organizations and experts in water and wildlife related fields to give both the general public and Lolo area schoolchildren the opportunity to learn about their watershed, by visiting local schools and holding community discussion events.