In Sept of 2002 a public meeting was held to determine if there was enough local interest for a watershed group in Lolo. In less than a year LWG was formed and was already working along-side the public to preserve and learn about the watershed.
Now in 2015 LWG has plans to carry out several stream restoration projects along Lolo Creek. The scope of our work and our capacity to accomplish goals is expanding each year.
This year we hope to accomplish a lot and hope you can be a part of it too.

See Current Work for what we’ll be doing this year!


Received $45,000 from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to work with conservation partners and private landowners to implement restoration practices that address non-point source pollution within the watershed.

Big Sky Watershed Corp member Brandon Veth joined our team to help implement our grant projects through outreach, education, volunteer facilitation, research, reporting and more!


Received $5,000 in funding from the Missoula Historical Museum to work with high school and middle school students documenting the natural history of Lolo Creek through oral story telling.


Received US EPA approval for our Lolo Creek Watershed Restoration Plan, poising us for federal funding to complete restoration projects that benefit watershed health.

Engaged in a year long facilitated joint fact finding venture on the process of channel migration. Created and distributed a brochure to landowners on how to manage the impacts of Lolo Creek channel migration within legal and technical restrictions.


Annual Report for 2008

Accomplishments Fall 2007 – Spring 2008



April 2007       Conducted Earth Day Service Project: Volunteers stenciled “Dump No Waste” on Lolo storm drains to educate residents and protect the aquifer; co-sponsored by the Missoula Water Quality District, Missoula County Public Works & Lolo Super Stop

May 2007       Hosted a Water Forum of panel presentations by various water agencies

Jan. 2007        Kicked off Noxious Weed campaign



Dec. 2006       Conducted 2nd Lolo Creek Assessment Tour

Nov. 2006        Hosted 2nd Chili Feed/Silent Auction as a joint fundraiser with the WildWest Institute and the Lolo Community Club

Nov 2006          Conducted 1st Lolo Creek Landowner Assessment Tour, the first stage of mitigation to help four local residents address erosion problems on their properties; with support from Geum Consulting and Lolo National Forest

Aug. 2006        Updated mission statement (to current statement)

July 2006         Reviewed and commented on Lolo National Forest Management Plan

April 2006        Coordinated a re-vegetation workday at the Lolo NF’s Earl Tenant Recreation Site

April 2006         Hosted second Earth Day Fair at the Lolo Community Center

Jan. 2006        Published The Creeks of Lolo Creek: A Report on the Tributary Streams of Lolo Creek’s Watershed by John Zelazny



Nov. 2005        Hosted a Chili-Feed/Silent Auction as a joint fundraiser with Lolo Days, Inc.

Aug. 2005       Conducted first demonstration project to enhance trout habitat (in partnership with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, the Lolo National Forest and the Trout Conservancy; funded by the MT Assn of Conservation District’s LEP program)

Aug 2005          Installed “Moose Crossing” signs on Hwy 12 near Lolo Hot Springs to minimize wildlife/vehicle collisions (in partnership with MT Dept of Transportation)

Aug 2005          Established a fund to pay for maintenance and repairs of fish screens installed on irrigation diversions: 40% of all LWG membership fees automatically go to the fund

June 2005       Hosted a Forest Restoration workshop: topics included the future of logging, forest restoration, re-vegetation considerations, ecological principles & techniques, and funding; included a field tour of potential road closure sites in upper Lolo Creek

April 2005       Hosted first Earth Day Fair at the Lolo Community Center

March 2005     LWG approved for incorporation as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization



July 2004        Hosted tour of trout habitat restoration sites on Lolo Creek near Woodman School

June 2004       Adopted membership fee structure

June 2004       Published the Lolo Creek Resource Assessment: A Report on the conditions, Status and Land Use History of the Lolo Creek Watershed by John Zelazny

May 2004        Adopted organizational ground rules and operating principles




Sept. 2003      Formed first Steering Committee; Developed first mission statement

Aug. 2003       Conducted a Streamside Walk on Lolo Creek

April 2003       Hosted first Watershed Fair at Lolo Community Center for water agencies to share information and resources

March 2003    Formed first ad-hoc committee to establish workplan, set up organizational structure, and generate local involvement



Sept. 2002     Held first public meeting (sponsored by Montana Trout) to see if there was enough local interest to establish a watershed group