2015 Lolo Creek Data Collection

This chart shows: How many and type of each bug in Lolo Creek + the total in blue. The creek is healthy because the Stonefly, Mayfly, and Caddisfly are not tolerant to pollution and there are many of them. There are few bugs which are tolerant to pollution.

This chart shows: The water was cold. The fish like the water between 7-8 pH so the pH is good. There is more DO where the water was flowing. Lolo Creek is very clear.

This chart shows: A slice of the creek (cross-section). The brown is land and slopes from the banks down to the thalwag (middle) of the stream. The blue is the water in the channel.

This chart shows: We measured the length of the rocks along the b-axis. Most of the rocks were 40-160 mm. We found many different sizes.

This chart shows: How many of the intersections of our fine sediment grid were over fine sediment. Only 2-4% of intersections were above fine sediment.