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About the Lolo Watershed Group
Moose on Lolo Creek
The Lolo Watershed Group is a community-based nonprofit organization that is working to conserve and restore the Lolo Creek watershed. Our goal is to enhance aquatic habitat and natural instream and streamside characteristics while preserving traditional uses of the watershed resources.  By Laws [NEW]
History: The LWG was founded in 2003 by a group of landowners in the watershed who were concerned about a variety of issues stemming from past and present land uses and wanted to see a results-driven collaborative effort to restore and conserve the watershed.

Mission Statement:  Our mission is to understand and conserve the unique characteristics of the Lolo Creek watershed, including its wildlife and fisheries, scenic and rural character, local agriculture, and recreational opportunities while supporting private property and water rights.

LWG Staff:  

LWG Board of Directors:  The LWG Board generally meets every other month to guide the organization, discuss issues, develop workplans and manage finances. Board members are elected by current members at an annual meeting and serve three-year terms. The LWG’s By-Laws call for a minimum of 5 Board members, with balanced representation of conservation, agricultural/ranch and at-large community interests. Board members must reside in the State of Montana.
  • Bobbie Bartlette, President / Community Rep.  (elected Nov ’08; term expires Nov ’14)
  • Kascie Herron, Secretary/Treasurer / Conservation Representative (Elected February ’14, Term expires Feb. ’17)
  • Open, At Large Representative (elected Dec. 10; term expires Dec ’13)
  • Doug Harkin, Vice-President/ Community Rep.  (elected Nov ’08; term expires Nov ’14)
  • Neva Larson, Ag/Ranch Representative   (elected Nov ’08; term expires Nov ’14)
  • Tom Morarre, Ag/Ranch Representative   (elected Nov ’08; term expires Nov ’14)
LWG Advisory Board

The LWG Advisory Board reviews and gives input on the organization’s projects, workplans and proposals as needed. Advisory Board members are invited to contribute their expertise as volunteers (not elected), do not serve terms, and need not reside in the Lolo community.
  • Jed Whitely, Monitoring Coordinator, Clark Fork Coalition
  • Shane Hendrickson, Fisheries Biologist, Lolo National Forest
  • Ladd Knotek, Fisheries Biologist, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
  • Travis Ross, Water Quality Specialist, Missoula Water Quality District
  • Brian Sugden, Forest Hydroligist, Plum Creek Timber Company
  • Traci Sylte, Engineer/Hydrologist, Lolo National Forest

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