Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the preservation of the Lolo Watershed!

Become a Member

Become an annual member to support environmental education,
riparian restoration work, and stream monitoring in the Lolo Watershed.


Donating is an easy way you can help to maintain and restore the
Lolo Watersheds natural beauty, ecosystem, and water supply for future
generations to enjoy.

Donations can be made on our “Donate” page by clicking the link above, or be mailed to: PO Box 1354 Lolo, MT 59847.

Contribute at one of our public meetings

Attend our public meetings or read about our meetings online. Our meetings are posted on our Facebook, and our meeting agendas can be found on our Meeting Agendas & Minutes Page.


Come get your hands dirty! Click on the link above or look at our Facebook for upcoming volunteer events and tell us how you would like to use your skills to help!

You can also help the watershed on your own

If you live along the creek, plant shrubs and trees that like to live by water (like willows) to help build a corridor of plants to shade the creek for fish, filter runoff to keep the water clean, and to protect the stream banks from erosion. Be careful to use only the amount of fertilizer or pesticides that are absolutely necessary. Learn about invasive weeds and pull them when you find them.

If you play along the creek, know and follow the fishing regulations to keep fish populations growing for the future, pack out your trash to keep the water and stream-side forests clean, and be careful with fire so we don’t lose the forests above the creek that help slow and filter runoff.

Here are a few examples of how others are helping the watershed:

  • The Forest Service is working to fix culverts so fish can pass.
  • Water rights holders are installing more efficient watering systems so they can leave some of their water for the creek.
  • A fish ladder installed on an irrigation diversion dam provides migration path for the creek’s fish populations.
  • Fish screens have been installed at the entrance to irrigation diversions.
  • Fish, Wildlife and Parks help recover fish from ditches before they are shut off for fall.
  • Lolo Watershed Group and other volunteers planted shrubs on an eroding creek bank at Travelers’ Rest State Park.